Other Characters


Jess and Ann Miller from episode "False Witness"
Jess and Ann Miller from episode “False Witness”

Jess is the main character in the series but what of the other characters who appear? In the course of his journey, Jess meets all kinds of people from a great range of cultures, countries, and time periods – from the Roman Empire in 450 B.C right up to the present day.

The characters that Jess meets are from a diverse range of backgrounds – young and old, families and those who live alone, characters who are poor and rich, from the famous and powerful to the vulnerable and most needy.

A common theme that all the other characters share is that they are each going through a difficult time in their lives – and with Jess’s help and involvement, they may overcome their troubles – although there are many varied obstacles and challenges to face.

Anna from "A Dream of Flying"
Anna from “A Dream of Flying”

Each character in the series represents characteristics of the human condition – some are kind and well-meaning to others, some are selfish and self-centred. Some are content, others jealous or sad. Some are honest and sincere – others are devious and manipulative…

Some characters are totally lost with their lives… like Anna in A Dream of Flying who is despondent after a tragic horse-riding accident leaves her paralysed. Confined to a wheelchair, Anna hast lost hope and direction in what to do with her live. Jess helps her to find a purpose and renew her love of life – and to pursue her dreams once more.

Hugo Brant from episode "Temptation's Run"
Hugo Brant from episode “Temptation’s Run”

Other characters are dishonest and use others for their own personal gain – someone like Hugo Brant in Temptation’s Run. Set in the Gold Rush in 1888, Hugo is a gambler and con-man who travels around from town to town, conning honest people of their money. But when he tries to cheat Jess, Brant’s lies and scheming collide head on with Jess’ honesty and fairness – and Brant gets more than he gambled on.

Jess meets some characters who hate others and believe they are totally right – and everyone else is totally wrong. In South Africa in 1899, Jess is caught up in the Boer War and a conflict between British soldiers and South African farmers in Incident At Whitewater. Jess helps break down barriers and reveal the common humanity both sides share instead of their differences – and by doing so, the worst of enemies unexpectedly become the best of friends.

For more information on the other characters in the series, please check out the Plot Synopsis section which details the storyline and characters of each episode.

Jess knows that if he does his best, he can make a difference to the lives of those he meets in his adventures…