Through The Ages

Through the Ages is a look at each time period throughout the Revelations series. A look into entertainment, celebrities, inventions, crazes and life in general in that day and age.

British Pubs

The Invention of Television

The Colosseum – Rome, Italy

Convicts sent to Australia – 1787

The Globe Theatre

The Mayan People

The Origins of Jazz

Maori Customs

Raffles Hotel Singapore


Down to Earth

Ancient Greek Mythology

Italian Renaissance (1400’s)

Welsh Song

The HMS Titanic

Airplane History and Travel

Niagra Falls

Scottish Kilts

The 1960’s – America

The Holocaust

South Africa

The American Civil War

North American Indians

Old West America – Gunslingers

John F Kennedy

Victorian England

Ancient Egypt

The Crimean War

Elizabethan Brides

The HMS Victory



The Play’s the Thing

God on our Side – Tribal

Victorian imperialism – The Runaway

Journey Through Time: Heads You Lose – France 1790

14th Century – The Plague – The Miracle Maker

Galilee 1st Century – Judges Punishment

Present day Las Vegas – Grieving Las Vegas

Biblical Palestine – The Gardener

1961 Hicksville USA – The Good Samaritan

Contemporary Ireland – Coming up Roses

Tribal Hunter and Gatherer – Mess of Pottage

Contemporary New York – David & Mr.G

1st Century BC – Mended Sole

19th Century America – Do Unto Others

Contemporary – Australasia – Unfinished Business

incident_11850’s “The Wild West” – The Prodigal

1899 – South Africa, Boer War – Incident at Whitewater

1950’s – Rock and Roll – Real Cool

1580 – Central America – Tomorrow is another day

53 A.D Roman Empire – And Judas had a Brother

19th Century – West Coast USA – All that Glistens

1950’s – Small Town USA – Gone Fishing

1770 – Tonga – Friendly Islands

1692 – New England – False Witness – Part 1

1692 – New England – False Witness – Part 2

1890’s – Mid Western Gold Mining Town – Temptations Run – Part 1

1890’s – Mid Western Gold Mining Town – Temptations Run – Part 2