David & Mr G

Life issues: David and Mr.G


We all have dreams. Only some of us don’t think that there’s any way in the world that we can realize them.
Especially if we’re stuck in a rut or given the old heave ho from work. Then what do we do? How can we even begin to chase our dreams when we’re spending all our time worrying where our next meal is going to come from?

Take David for example. He doesn’t exactly want to be a kitchen hand. He has dreams of playing baseball – he’s a pretty good at it – why not? The only snag is that he needs to save up some cash to pay his college fees and hope that while he’s there he gets spotted and offered a spot on a good team.

But while David has his hands in the soapy water and dreams his hours away, there is another dream that is slowly being eaten away faster than the spaghetti that Carlos cooks up.

You see, some people think that it’s their right to take what’s yours. They come on in and pull your security right out from under you. And that’s what happened to Saul. His dreams of enjoying his retirement eating pizza in his own restaurant were about to be dashed. Two heavies decided that Saul needed protection – and he did. But it was them he needed protection from!

Myrtle dreamt of having a wonderful boyfriend – she just couldn’t see what was right in front of her face.



There must be some of each of these characters in us all. Sometimes we spend our lives dreaming our lives away like David.

Other times we’re scared to fight for our dreams like Saul.

And other times we don’t realize that what we have been dreaming about is actually within reach – if only we chose to open our eyes.

The tragedy would be if we just let our dreams slip away. We can all do whatever we want in this world so long as we believe in ourselves. It can happen, we have seen it!

David’s life changed when he took courage in his hands (well, a potato actually) and stood up for what was right. He was noticed by the right people at the right time and his life took a dramatic change for the better.

Do you have the same courage as David?

Do you have what it takes to fulfill your dreams?

Or are you a Mr.G?

Another Life Issues Coming Soon.