Do Unto Others

Life Issues – Do Unto Others


Bullies have been around since the beginning of time. And many of us have suffered at the hands of bullies.

Bullies are not only encountered at school or in the playground. They can be in your own family; they could be your neighbours or people that you work with. They could just be people that you deal with on a daily basis in some way.

It is fair to say that there are naturally aggressive and naturally submissive people. That is just the way that human beings are and will always be. There will always be leaders and followers. And there will always be people who like to find a way to get attention – or mirror attention on to other people so that they themselves are not so noticeable. However bullying is totally and utterly unacceptable. Nobody has the right to make you do things that you do not want to do.

The way to get around bullying? It can seem like a lost cause and many people of all ages have given up and taken their lives because of it. It’s all very well to say that you should stand up for yourself but if you are being beaten up on a daily basis and suffer the humiliation and taunts of a whole group of people it is very hard to see the way out of a situation.


The biggest things to learn are to never take no for an answer when asking for help and, perhaps most importantly, believe in yourself.

You have every right to be safe in your environment and every right to get help if you do not feel safe.

If you are being bullied please get some help. It is not your fault, you are not the weak one – the bully is.

If you are a bully, you need to get some help yourself. And fast. You must have big problems in your own life if you get a kick out of bullying someone. And you must be a crazy person if you deny this! Sort yourself out or you won’t be in for a very happy life at all.

There are many books on this topic and several fantastic websites and support groups that can be searched for on the Net. This is just a short article to raise some pointers. Please have a look around to get some professional advice on this topic.