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What is it with the human race? Do we have an inbuilt self-destruct gene or something? Why do we always think that we’re right and everyone else is wrong? And end up fighting about it?

So many of us fail to take the time and the energy to try to see something from someone else’s point of view. And even if we try to make the effort to see someone else’s side of things we often just scoff at it and say that we are the ones who are right anyway.

This kind of thing happens in daily life, in every corner of the world and it must be extremely rare to find a person who is totally un – self-absorbed.

A few examples: –

  • Your Mum asks you to do something. You think it’s unfair. You refuse to do it and you both end up in an argument.
  • Your family has a long-standing hate relationship with another local family. Does anyone even remember why you are so against each other in the first place?
  • A Catholic and an atheist get involved in a debate and both refuse to let the other have their own opinion – they fight and argue to try to get the other to change their viewpoint.

Why can’t each side just let it be? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion surely?



We have all recently witnessed first hand the effects of different races and religions deciding that their way is the way and many thousands of people die on a daily basis because of such beliefs. We do not necessarily see it in the papers or on the television. But just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

So is violence the answer? Does anyone really benefit from fighting? Or is it true what Jess has to say on God on Our Side? That it’s the children who will suffer.

We all have our own beliefs and it’s great to feel strongly about them and want to sway people to your way of thinking but if you are hurting people because of it then what is the point?

Everyone has their own thoughts on the way things should be and it could be argued that every member of the human race has the right to live as they want to so long as it does not harm others.

Perhaps the best way to sum all this up before we leave you to come to your own conclusion on the matter is something Sir. Paul McCartney wrote, quite simply, “Let it be.”