The Miracle Maker

Life Issues – The Miracle Maker



What is a miracle? Something that we believe in so strongly that it comes true?

If you truly believe in something chances are that you can make it happen. It is all in your mind set. The ability to change your senses and feelings to make you act in such a way that you will make something happen.

It is said that all you have to do is to put your desire out in to the universe and act and think as if you had already achieved your goal.

Never give up and eventually you will actually achieve what you set out to.
Belief in yourself is the key really. Somebody can tell you and tell you that you are capable of doing something but unless you believe it yourself nothing will happen.

If you work towards something then you are half way there already.
Aaron believed that he was a cripple and he didn’t dare even try to walk. But his belief in The Miracle Maker made him think that perhaps one day he could be cured.



When he was told in no uncertain terms that he would never be able to walk he wanted to prove the world wrong and he did take his first steps!

A miracle? A biological change in the body? A sudden muscle release? Or just the belief that his legs would work again?

We will never really know what makes miracles happen but we can try to change our own lives right this second by believing in ourselves and working towards what it is that we want in life.
Morgan the Miracle Maker himself had no belief in mankind. He thought that life was there for the taking and that the strongest would survive. Which is true to an extent. What Morgan learnt through his dealings with Jess and Aaron was that people can make a difference.

His own heart was touched by this crippled boy whose belief in himself was so great that he started to walk again. Morgan started to believe in others as a result and also started to believe in himself once more. If he had the ability to touch somebody’s life in such a profound way then perhaps there was no need to be so cynical and try to cheat his way around.



So a miracle can happen in even the most hardened of hearts.
Miracles do happen each and every day. Just the fact that babies are born and trees grow and the sun shines is a miracle in itself. These everyday miracles should not be ignores.
We should not just sit back and expect things to happen. Appreciate what you have in your life and try to make a difference to your own life.

To touch the heart of another person must be the greatest miracle of them all.