A Dream Of Flying


“A Dream of Flying”
Present Day

left_adreamoflfying_bANNA, an attractive teenager, is in a wheelchair as a result of a horse riding accident. She had been a champion horse rider.

Anna and family
Anna must rebuild her life and her parents try their best to support her

MARTIN, Anna’s wealthy father, chooses not to believe the DOCTOR when told that ANNA will not walk again. ANNA’s mother, JANET, is more resigned to the doctor’s prognosis. She sees that MARTIN is pressuring ANNA unrealistically.

JESS is working at camp – and helps Anna believe in herself…

The family go on vacation to a camping ground. The camp is owned by BILL, a recent widower, who lives there with his two children, MIKE and KATE.

JESS is hired to do the chores around the camp. ANNA is initially grumpy when JESS strikes up a conversation. She is very bitter about her injury. She has low self esteem as a result of the accident and is annoyed when her father takes her to see horses at the camp.

JESS wheels ANNA and her wheelchair and confronts ANNA about her bitterness and brusque manner. He also tells her of her strengths.

MARTIN is fishing in the camp when BILL arrives and gives advice on fishing. BILL lets slip his financial woes and fears. MARTIN helpfully gives BILL tips on how he would make more money from the camp in return, saying that he would invite a couple of investors up for a free weekend.

JESS takes ANNA to the slalom competition with JANET’s best wishes. MIKE is first to compete. ANNA realises that Mike is as disabled as she is, yet he still manages to love life, make the most out of each day – and be a fine competitive sportsman. Everything follows JESS’s plan and MIKE becomes ANNA’s hero. MIKE teaches ANNA not to feel sorry for herself.

Mike teaches Anna to be positive and make the best of everything

Her father, MARTIN finds out that JANET let ANNA go to the competition and is annoyed. MARTIN finds ANNA getting into a canoe with BILL and JESS’ help. MARTIN tries to talk ANNA out of canoeing but JESS persuades him to let her try. MARTIN is pleased when ANNA succeeds and wants her to enter the slalom competition the following year.

MARTIN says that he will restock the lake with trout and invite some bank managers along next time he comes to the camp. This pleases BILL and offers a possible solution to his financial worries…

Anna has found happiness once more

ANNA has rediscovered her zest for life and knows that one chapter may have ended in life but another is only just beginning…