The Prodigal



left_theprodigal“The Prodigal”
1850s, “The Wild West”

Twelve year old RUTH stands at the entrance to her father’s farm. Every day she stares down the road, longing for the return of her brother,

Aran gets into trouble
Aran (left) has been running from trouble – but can’t seem to keep from bumping into it

BEN, her other brother, tells her she is wasting her time and is pleased that ARAN is unlikely to return.

Jess works on the farm
Jess found a job on the farm – and a whole lot more

In a drier region, ARAN is feeding pigs. He is hungry and begins to devour the pigs feed. The FARMER approaches, very annoyed, and ARAN flees the farm.

Later, JESS is walking down a dusty track and takes a rest beneath some trees. Once JESS is asleep, ARAN steals his bag in search for food.

JESS chases and catches him. Upon questioning ARAN, JESS feels sorry for him and shares his food. JESS suggests that they head for the family farm together. JESS hopes to land himself a job at the farm.

Aran and Ruth
Ruth (right) is delighted by Aran’s return home

ARAN and JESS have a disagreement. Aran storms off and is attacked by bandits. They take him prisoner. In the middle of the night JESS unties and rescues ARAN. 

JESS and ARAN return to the house. RUTH and the FATHER are overjoyed. They plan a feast for ARAN.

FATHER breaks news to ARAN that MOTHER has died.

Aran and Ben at a grave
Aran is sorry for what he has done and is forgiven

BEN is angry with ARAN and accuses him rightly of gambling and squandering his father’s inheritance money. He thinks ARAN is after more money and accuses him of causing his mother’s death.

The truth about ARAN’s wastefulness comes out and JESS is annoyed that ARAN was dishonest with him. However, JESS is prepared to forgive him

Ben threatens to leave the farm in protest of his Father’s acceptance of ARAN. On hearing Ben’s plans, ARAN threatens to leave in order to make Ben stay.

JESS intervenes and talks to BEN about ARAN’s courage in confessing.

Both brothers decide to stay with their Father and forgive each other.