God On Our Side

Through the Ages – God on our Side – Tribal

Ancient tribes wandered our planet and got into all sorts of mischief. They would fight one another over the smallest of things.

Some would think that the sun was the most important thing in their lives. Another tribe would argue that and say that the moon was the most important. And yet another tribe would say the river was the main thing in life.

Tribes would argue over land, over food, over traditions, marriages, everything really. The chiefs more often than not had the last say in a matter but who was to say the chief was right? He was only chief because his father had been chief before him.

Some tribes would have eventually inter-married or joined together, perhaps to war against a different tribe and then civilizations were created.

There are a lot of ancient civilizations, some more famous than others. Atlantis, the Mayans, Egyptians. Some civilizations remain lost and some have not even been heard of before.
We have a lot to thank ancient civilizations for. Many of them were very advanced and a lot of what we use today comes from our discoveries of how they used to live.


1. Eyeliner was worn by Egyptians in 4000 BC. It was made from kohl and worn to make the eyes look bigger and to protect from the evil eye.

2. A battery dating back to 250 BC was found outside of Baghdad. It is made out of clay and has a stopper made of asphalt. It can produce around 1.1 volts!

3. Candles date back to 500 BC when wicks were stuck in containers that were filled with a flammable liquid. Romans made the first dipped candle from animal fat

4. Ancient Egyptians thought that fried mice would cure a headache – think I’ll stick to the paracetemol!

5. Ancient Greeks brought us democracy, trial by jury, theatre and the Olympics.

6. There is evidence of an ancient civilization in India that dates back 4,000 years. The streets were straight and there were brick houses that had private baths.

7. The Christian cross was developed from the Ankh, an Egyptian symbol.

8. An early form of air conditioning dates back to 1700 BC where Babylonians splashed water on their walls and floors. This would evaporate in the heat and cool the room.

9. Counting tools have been found that date back to the 2nd century in China and the 4th century in Rome. These are abacuses and many of us remember them from our childhoods.

10. Egyptians sat on folded stools in 2000 BC. These are the same type of stools that fisherman or hikers use today.

11. Ancient Romans kept pets. Dogs were the most common but people also kept pigeons, quails and ducks.

12. Pacific Northwest Indian tribes saw their mealtimes as a social occasion. There would be lots of chatter and laughter at the table – although drinking at the table was considered rude.