Unfinished Business

Through the Ages – Unfinished Business

Contemporary Australasia

Every region of the world has grammatical and cultural differences and a type of slang/jargon.

Haere Mai and g’day mate, get yer barbie stoked up and slap a few snags on for yer Sheila’s.

The crowd’s a box of birds but they’ll be a real box of fluffies if they get through too many tinnies from the Eskie.

Primo!! Choice!! And cool bananas.

Aussies and Kiwis are sports mad and they play a lot of cricket, rugby and netball as well as swimming and surfing.

A typical Saturday afternoon will find surfers galore in the water with people playing volleyball on the beach. You will also see lots of boats sailing and jet skiers, water skiers and windsurfers out and about.

On the fields you’ll see rugby and cricket being played and these are big spectator sports in Australasia. People on both sides of the ditch (The Tasman Sea) are very patriotic about their countries teams. The All Blacks and The Wallabies, The Black Caps and the Australian Cricket Team.

Greg is obviously a popular rugby player at school. He might have ended up playing for the All Blacks or The Wallabies.