Here you can read a short summary of each episode.



The Judge’s Punishment – Galilee

Danill yearns to get along with his father, Aviner, but the two always seem to argue. Unknowingly they share much in common as they both lie and cheat to get what they want. Jess helps reunite father and son – and set them both back on an honest road…


The Miracle Maker – Mid 14th Century

Morgan the “Miracle Maker” is giving false hope to people who believe he can cure them. When he and Jess are about to be hanged a boy named Arun who cannot walk takes a few steps forward to save their lives…


Heads you Lose – 1792, France
Jess risks himself in an effort to save Philippe Mandin, a French noble, from revolutionaries hunting down the aristocracy. Through Jess’s example, Philippe Mandin and some of the revolutionaries take great risks themselves to try to save Jess in return…


The Runaway – Early 19th Century, North America
Samuel is in love with Ruth but unhappy with the town he lives in, and his job as a baker. Running away from town, he hopes to find happiness elsewhere. Jess helps him find that true contentment comes from within, and Samuel should be happy with who he is already.

godonourside_tGod on our side – pre-history, Golgoroth
A diplomatic group tries to make peace between the warring Mali and Dujone tribes. In a race against time, Jess must find a middle ground between war and peace, love and hate, to save the Mali and Dujone people from themselves…


The Play’s the thing – 1920s, Australia
Jess joins a troupe of actors. He is soon offered a Hollywood contract by a film producer but the vanity and selfishness of Brandon, leader of the actors, results in Jess being exploited – and his dream of Hollywood being overshadowed by a nightmare…