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David and Mr GDavid and Mr G – present day, New York

As a kitchen hand, JESS is peeling potatos in a restaurant with colleague, David, who dreams of being a baseball star. The restaurant owner, Saul, is harassed by Mr G, a bullying criminal. JESS helps David to drive away Mr G – and to achieve his dreams.

A Mess of Pottage

A Mess of Pottage – 450 B.C, the Middle East 

Jacob and Esau are twin brothers but share little in common – they argue over everything, especially the future of their tribe. Their father is sick and one of them will take over as tribe leader. JESS becomes involved in a family literally falling apart…

Coming Up RosesComing up Roses – 1950s, Ireland
Travelling in Ireland, Jess meets Jonty and Mo, two kids from a loving, but poor home, whose family is tricked into buying a worthless piece of land by Jimmy, an opportunist. Jess helps the family’s attempt to get their money – and dignity – back.

Good SamaritanThe Good Samaritan – 1961, Hicksville High, USA
Principles and prejudice clash head on as JESS finds himself caught between Lucy’s campaign for civil rights and equality against forces of entrenched racism and bigotry. In the face of peer pressure, JESS helps Lucy against those who believe in equality but that some people are more equal than others…

The GardenerThe Gardener – Biblical Palestine
The Romans are making Jess’s life a misery. A chance meeting draws Jess into an underground movement led by Jesus. Jess’s outlook on life – and a Roman commander’s – are challenged by witnessing a dramatic turn of events…

Grieving Las VegasGrieving Las Vegas – Present day, Las Vegas, USA
Tommy Love is an ambitious cabaret singer who seems to put his hunger for fame above love for his family. As chaperone to daughter April Love, Jess tries to reconcile father and daughter – when suddenly, Tommy Love has a chart-topping song…